We are Missionaries

I had made plans for an outreach on Christmas Eve, but God wanted us to do something different and for once, I actually didn't buck him..at least not to hard :-)

Then I ran into Susan and Randy Rogers at church and we talked about how neither of us had anything going on Christmas Eve, so Susan and I made plans to have an open house at my home and invite whoever wanted to come.

Susan and Randy made shrimp and corn soup and we had everyone bring a snack, Tammy and her husband came, Bernie, Nathan and Esther and the kids.

And Vince, who leads the homeless ministry at HPC, brought three men, K, J and Richard, all of them were once homeless but aren't anymore.

We had a great time hearing about Esther's work as an Extra on a few movies, K told us all about his 16 years working for the cruise line industry, Susan and Tammy lit up the room with their smiles and conversations, and Randy made us laugh.

At the end of the night, when K, J and Richard were leaving, they all told us how this gathering was their Christmas, they had no family near by to spend it with.

But we were the ones who had been blessed to have these men at our home.
After everyone but Susan and Randy had gone home, we started talking about life at the Dream Center. Susan has been serving there longer then us, and Randy has been cooking with HPC and/or the DC just as long.

At one point I was complaining about how few people come to help us there, and how people leave us after only a short time. Susan said "Carole, what we have to realize is that we are missionaries. If we are called to that place, for however long, then we have to realize that some people aren't called there, and some people are only called for a season, and God will call others if He wants".

It wasn't anything I didn't know, but it was something I needed to hear from this woman I love and respect so much. This woman who lives it.

I have to remember that it's not my place to worry about who is called and who isn't. God calls, not me. God convicts, not me. I gotta know my place, hear His voice for my life, and realize that the inner city, the Dream Center community, is a mission field and we, the Turner family, are called there, the Turner's are missionaries.

I like that.


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