2011 Some Things I'd Like To See..

New York (my friends Esther and Nathan just went and I was eaten up with jealousy)

Another year of my daughter NOT really, romantically or sexually, being kissed by a boy (And if your reading this thinking "she's already been kissed" you better tell me, I'm going by her word and I know how parents can be blind and dumb to what their kids are really doing. I fully under stand that)

Abel becoming more confident in who he is.

Steele NOT farting every change he gets (it's lethal stuff and I can't even smell half the time)

Dean finally listening to the doctor and eating better so that he can actually be around for a while (I know, how selfish of me to want my husband to grow old with me and be there for our kids!)

Less of my wide butt and no love handles hanging over my jeans.

No gray when I look at my hair in the mirror. (Which means I have to dye it every 6 weeks!)

For me to beat Cooldaddy1 (Jeff Wells) lots of times in Words with Friends (I think I've beat him twice out of like, 50 times)

More prostitutes, pimps, street thugs, etc, seeing and being changed by the love of Jesus.

Me yelling at my kids less, kissing them more and being kind, being nicer to Dean, you know, like Jesus.


Anonymous said…
The yelling part is going to be the
hardest. You come from a long line of yellers! LOVE MOM!

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