Packed Full of Gal Stones

So I've been in pain pretty much every night for a couple weeks. A couple times I almost called 911, it got so bad. I pretty much knew it was my gal bladder because Dean had his out 8 years ago and he had the exact same symptoms. SO I've been taking pain meds, which make me feel like crap. I really don't know how anyone would want to take Hydrocodone as a recreational drug. I hate that crap. Really, it makes me feel so tired the entire day after taking it. Like I could sleep forever, so when I have to be awake, it's not fun. So yesterday I went to ER around 3:30pm, it had gotten bad again. I was there until 8:00pm for them to tell me "yea, your gal bladder is packed with gal stones". Duh. But they wouldn't do emergency surgery (Dean had emergency surgery cuz' he had stones lodged when he went in) because I didn't have one lodged or fever, they sent me home to suffer a few more nights.

Needless to say, I was very direct with the ER doctor, I tried to convince him to admit me and do the surgery. I told Dean prior to that conversation that he may want to walk out into the hall if he didn't want to be embarrassed cuz' I wasn't gonna be mean but I was gonna level with the Dr. about my unhappiness with the course of my visit to the ER. After wards Dean said I was direct but nice so I guess that's good. The doctor was kinda a butt, Dean said he wouldn't have been that nice.

I go see a surgeon today, and I hope he will schedule surgery for tomorrow.

yea, that's what it looks like..your welcome, now go have some lunch :-)
When I say that I don't have time for any of this, that's an understatement. I have a party tonight, outreach Saturday, song special Sunday at church, in which I am the only alto, so if I'm not there, it will not sound right. Then next Sunday I am singing a duet with Jordan. I don't want to be "down" any. I have so much I need to get done for BRDC events coming up. I just volunteer now there two days a week but I stay busy, I like what I get to do, I love it actually, so I don't want to miss any of it. Ugh!

So pray that today the surgeon says he can do the surgery tomorrow and I can be back up and running by Sunday. That would be the best case scenario.


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