Holiday so far..

Funky town worship team Xmas party, we are about to play the Name that Tune game.
Me playing the Name that Tune Game, Danny Fierra was a beast at this game!!

Dean with his new glasses. Sexy hot!

Ornament that Abel made me at school with his hand print

Abel and Steele with the Chick Fil-A cow.

Christmas Eve get together, Esther telling us stories of her new life as a movie star (AKA extra stand in)

The BRDC worship team, Sunday before Christmas, bout to go people ever.

E got a Chi flat iron from Santa, she's trying it out on my hair.

E rocking out some Guitar Hero on the new xbox Kinect that Santa brought them


My Xmas gifts, I'm reading the Cornel West book now and loving it!


Anonymous said…
Glad y'all had a great Christmas. Cheers to all!
The DoCrew
Anonymous said…
Glad you had a great Christmas. We had a great time at Donna's. She makes cornbread dressing just like mama's. We missed y'all. Wish you could have been here. Love y'all, MOM.

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