BRDC Booth at Live the Dream Conference

This year the HPC Woman's conference is spotlighting the BRDC campus. We are hoping it will raise lots of money for the facility. A facility that was built in 1948 and needs A LOT of work.

This is where I will be tonight through Saturday afternoon, working this booth. We set up the booth to display a few of the different items we use to reach out, like water, chap stick, hygiene items, chocolates, etc.

I know the Dream Center is not "mine" I know I talk about it a lot on this blog, twitter and Facebook, because I love serving there. In my heart, it's "mine" because it's where God has called our family and it's my church.

I hope you will indulge me now to again talk about it like a proud family member. I know that  I tend to promote it like a PR person,  but it's because I believe in what the Dream Center is doing. I believe it is doing good.

I know people were sceptical three years ago when a predominately white Suburban church from the other side of town, came into the inner city and set up church. I don't blame them for being suspicious or doubtful that we would stay long term and be committed to the area. But the truth is, pastor Dino and Healing Place Church has been doing outreach in some form or another to this area of town for over 15 years. They have been committed to reaching people with the love of Jesus, no matter what zip code they live in. So, when the Dream Center building became available, and when Winbourne baptist gave the facility to HPC, it was just another miraculous sign from God that HPC was meant to be there.

The Baton Rouge Dream Center is made up of leaders, volunteers and members of the congregation from all ethnic and social economic backgrounds. In the pews there are homeless men and women, and there is also guys like Richard, who was homeless for many years but has now been off the streets for two years. Also in the pews are prostitutes, and former prostitutes like Margerette who is now in college, has a great job, is serving God and is now reaching out to help girls trapped in the sex trade industry. And there are business men, housewives, families, widows and college students. The Dream Center is a Jesus style Gumbo.

The community around the Dream Center is considered by most people in Baton Rouge to be "the hood". It has the highest teen murder rate in our city, one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state, and a high school drop out level of %70.  The fathers are mostly gone, the mothers are babies having babies and the grandma's are trying to keep some sort of loving environment while raising there children's children. All the while gangs, violence, pimps and drug dealers crawl the streets devouring young an old. Can you think of a better place for a Dream Center to be? Can you think of a better place for we, the church, to be?

To me the greatest thing about the Dream Center is it extends a hand out but also it extends a hand up. We give out free stuff all the time so that we can connect with a family, a person, so that we can in turn connect them with Jesus and also with programs that they can take part in to better their lives. Through hand outs we build relationships and help them in a time of need, which often develops into a trust and a curiosity as to why people would want to help. Our main goal is for them to come to know Jesus and I don't think any church, anywhere, can go wrong by giving, helping, offering a hand out and a hand up, to their community. THAT to me is the love of Jesus in action. 

Ladies, If your at Live the Dream, whether your rich or poor, I pray you donate to the BRDC but even if you can't give money, please pray for the work being done through this facility. I know God's hand is on it and I pray I never take for granted what a privilege it is that I get to serve there.

Come by and see me at the booth.


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