2012, What's the Dream Ticket?

So November is coming up which means mid-term elections for congress. President Obama and the Democratic lead senate have been in charge during the worst economy in my life time. I say "worst" because It keeps getting worse and I see no end in sight.  I have more and more friends who have lost jobs, are scaling back and just not spending the way they used to. And no matter what a president does concerning health care, war, abortion, gay rights, etc, if people are losing jobs, homes, cars, money for school tuition, that is what they vote in reaction to.

If you ask me, the blinding neon sign that shows the extent of how bad the economy has gotten, is the decrease in charitable giving, church giving, tithing, offerings are way down across the board. Ask any missionary or charitable organization, they will tell you, giving is way down. That is what leading economic indicators need to be looking at, it's bad.

I feel sure that November will bring a lot of new Republicans into office. Which will make it a ripe political season come the 2012 presidential elections.

So I want to know, if you called the shots, if you could say who ran together for president and vice president in 2012, who would they be?

I'll start.

Dream ticket for me, right now would look like, Colin Powell/Condi Lisa Rice or Mike Huckebee/Joe Liberman. Or mix that four up anyway, I'd be happy. I know these tickets are not real likely but I can dream.

I wish John McCain had picked Condi or Liberman as a running mate, he would have won then.

A nightmare ticket for the Republicans (dream for Democrats) would be Sarah Palin/Mit Romney or even worse, Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck. I think I would vote for anyone who ran against that ticket, not sure, but I think I would..except Joe Biden, yuck, I wouldn't vote for him.

Ah, yea, politics is fun!

Ok, now tell me yours...


Kevin Yeaux said…
I'm a huge supporter of Ron Paul and any dream ticket for me would have "Paul" at the top of it. Other than Ron Paul, the only other conservative I could support that's politically suited to run in 2012 is former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

I support these candidates because they are the only ones who have actively supported the Constitution, small government at home and abroad, civil liberties, social tolerance, and fiscal conservatism. Unlike some other members of the GOP, they actually supported these principles before it became politically popular to do so with the Tea Party movement (Ron Paul, of course, was the inspiration behind the original Tea Party movement in 2007).

(full disclosure: I'm one of the Baton Rouge-area coordinators for Ron Paul's political organization, Campaign for Liberty)

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