Confusion, Chance, and Inspiration

Last month my dear friend Natalie made me aware of a contest to win a trip to Donald Millers seminar, Living a Better Story. In order to enter I had to write a blog post telling how I would live a better story, or something like that. I actually found the instructions kinda confusing. But I felt compelled to try. I looked at it like a writing assignment, a hard one, that I didn't really understand and I was certain would earn me an F for failure to follow simple instructions. But I sat down and started anyway, but I had nothing, then crap, then indulgent (yes, I stole this word from Simon on American Idol. The meaning is appropriate) jibber-jabber. Then I was writing to win, not to be real so that was no good. Finally, I gave up and forgot about it.

Then on my birthday I wrote a post reflecting on turning 43years old. At the time I didn't think about the contest, I was just honestly reflecting and looking forward. Then Natalie called me to talk about her entry into the contest and during that conversation is when I first had the thought of entering my birthday blog post into the contest. It had all the elements requested for entry, by chance, I had written an honest account of wanting to live a better story. So, I entered it. I will find out on August 20th if I won. Donald Millers staff will read through the 250 plus entries and decide. Either way, I feel really good about it. It was truthful and real.

Read the post HERE.

I'm glad God uses times of confusion, chance and inspiration.