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My baby girl comes home today after being in Tennessee for a week. She went to my friend Kristy's house. Her daughter and E grew up together until they moved to TN about 5 years ago. They stayed close, seeing each other about once a year when Kristy came here to visit their family but this is the first time E ever flew by herself anywhere. She's had a great time.

I sit down to write my book and I think of what Donna Frank said about writing your own story "sit down and open a vein" yep, sometimes it feels I will bleed out and other times I just cant connect to the emotions of the time I'm writing about. I always wonder how my story will be perceived by the church. I have no intention of leaving out the uncomfortable truths from my life, I know I am supposed to write my story, the truth.

Sometimes containing my desire for my little HIV + girl is hard. I often get presented with adoption  opportunities but every time I hear "this is not your HIV+ girl" and I know I have to wait, Dean is not ready so I have no choice. Plus I want God's timing absolutely. SO, I have the kids pray for God to give Dean a dream ;-)

I'm ready for my vacation that starts on Friday. We are going to see my family in Florida for a week. Saturday the 17th is Evangeline's birthday and then my brothers birthday is on the 19th and my mom's on the 21st so my sister is throwing a big Karaokee party at her house Saturday night. I'm hoping Karen will come to Okeechobee for the party. She lives three hours away in Keystone Heights FL.

Last Thursday, Charity, Jilian and I went to New Orleans with work to visit and do outreach with Covenant House. They have a huge shelter for 16-21 year olds. They also have a medical clinic, drop in center, landscaping business and Cafe that serves the community, it's a regular breakfast and lunch diner right across the street from the Super Dome. The kids work there and learn skills. We picked the brain of the man who runs it and he said some really profound things about how he gages success. "don't get married to the outcome..recognize TODAY, growth TODAY, acknowledge daily growth tell them to keep at it.." We did outreach with two amazing ladies and their intern. Just the three of them hit the streets twice a week to tell people about Covenant House. They walk FAR. I drive, so that outreach kicked my butt and made me really appreciate the HPC Shuttle :-)

Here are some pics from the day in New Orleans with Covenant house..


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