E's Question Concerning Abortion and the Presidency

Last night at dinner, Evangeline hit us with two really good questions.  Here is the first question and our answer to her..

How can president Obama be a Christian and be for Abortion?

President Obama is wrong to be pro abortion. But he may think that the life of the mother, what the mother wants, is more important then the baby she is carrying. He may feel that her right, her freedom, her future trumps the babies right to live. I believe he is very wrong to support abortion which is the murder of a child. No matter what reason he tells himself to make it OK in his heart, it's not OK. But that is his blind spot, I believe. I think he is either choosing to ignore the facts or somehow he has believed a lie.

I also know that the stance of many pro lifers is considered hypocritical to many pro choice people because a lot of pro lifers believe in the death penalty and unjust wars, which both cause death. They have even more of a problem with half of Americans calling themselves "Pro life" but there are  130,000 adoptable kids in the foster care system and over 12 million Orphans ready for adoption around the world. They don't feel pro lifers are genuinely concerned about the loss of life unless it is an unborn child so that comes across as a double standard in a pro choice persons mind.

So we pray for God to change the heart of President Obama and pray that he will not enact any pro abortion policies. We also must do our part to really and truly be pro life, care for the orphan, so that when we speak of valuing life, we mean all life.


Comments are welcome but I ask that you please spare me the "he's not a Christian" brush off. I do believe he is a Christian, at least as much so as most "Christians" in America.


Anonymous said…
Carole, as a pro-life Christian who voted for Obama I understand the question, and the answer. I struggled with this very issue before casting my vote. My conclusions? 1.I voted straight pro-life all my life, yet nothing change when pro-life candidates were elected. The issue was only trotted out at election time, no action was taken. 2. Obama seems to believe that every woman should have to right to make her own decision, which isn't exactly "pro-abortion". I decided to pray for every woman facing that decision, then leave it between her and God. 3. There are so many other social issues I agree with Obama on..Matthew 25 calls on us to feed the hungry, care for the sick etc.
I loved you answer to your child's question. You gave and honest loving answer, and you did not rush to judgment. We are also cautioned about that. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Matthew 25 does call us to feed the hungry, care for the sick et cetera and We the church should be obeying God's word. And if you look at those who call themselves Christians & their tax returns, they are giving the MOST via taxes and Personally giving. That is not to count those who do not show their giving on their tax returns. There are those who do NOT. I know many who are going around the government to do MUCH good including taking care of orphans et cetera. Just because the stats do not show it does not mean Christians are not doing. We just do not blow our horns. All that being said, politics should NOT be the venue for giving:
As Pope Benedict XVI has warned about Liberation Theology:

Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes, not divine, but demonic."
- Truth and Tolerance; p. 116
Anonymous said…
Obama, not exactly pro-abortion?

Obama actively opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act for three years in the Illinois senate.

"He voted against it. He was the sole senator speaking against it on the [Illinois] senate floor [for] two years. And the third year, he held the bill from being considered altogether in committee and killed the bill," Stanek contends.

She says Obama's explanation for opposing the Illinois bill does not pass the straight-face test because, as a committee chairman, he blocked the measure's sponsor from adding the federal language protecting Roe vs. Wade. That federal provision says the bill does not deny or add rights to the species Homo sapiens before birth.

Stanek fought to stop "live-birth abortion" after holding a live aborted baby at a Chicago-area hospital where she worked as a registered nurse.

"Barack Obama is now saying that, had that provision been in the Illinois bill he would have voted for it, which is absolutely false – because in 2003, the senate sponsor tried to add that provision and Barack Obama, as the chairman of the committee where the bill was being held, disallowed him from adding that provision, disallowed me from testifying, disallowed the committee from even voting on it. So, it sat in committee for 22 months," Stanek explains.

She reveals it was not until Obama left the Illinois Senate that the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act passed in August of 2005.
Carole Turner said…
Anon #1- You are correct, government should not try to do what the church should be doing but the church is not doing. No matter the stats, the truth is we could and should do more. There is also the issue of faith based grants that fund MANY church social service programs, including ALL community services that are performed at the Baton Rouge Dream Center so the church does utilize government involvement that way. Tax payers are paying for my job working with homeless and at-risk youth. I hear Christians say "well it's our money anyway" exactly, that's how people who are for government ran social service programs feel. So, there has to be a balance I think and everyone has a different opinion on how that looks.

Anon #2-I totally agree that he is pro abortion. He goes into great detail about his opposition of the Born Alive bill in his book, The Audacity of Hope, there were other factors, things in the bill that he wanted removed before he would agree to it but still, I agree with you, he is the most pro abortion president in our history. Again, I pray that God will change his heart on this extremely important issue. I believe God will.
Anonymous said…
Carole response to Anon #1:
I worked for 12 years feeding the poor from a ministry and not one penny came from the government. The way it should be. Many churches operate the biblical way, people giving, time & money. No stats to prove it because the government does not have their hand in these works, the way it should be. That may be the reason you believe the church is not doing much, no stats to prove what you want to see. Also working for 12 years with feeding the hungry, I heard the truth of people's lives that moved your heart to do more and then there were many who gave stories that were lies. People going from one ministry to another for "help" w/their trunks full of food, or in their new SUV, or stories of not being able to work because of hurt backs but they could pick up heavy boxes of food.
Tax payers are paying for your Job but the Church is doing this w/out getting a pay check. Tax payers are also paying for welfare, education, free cell phones, some electricity, if you can get a dr. to say your child has any "disability" more $$ to the mom and the list goes on and on.
Christians are giving through their churches and other ways that no one knows about. Just because there seems to be a never ending NEED out there it could be many are working the system.
A friend of mine who takes in children of prisoners (stripper & thief) has overheard one of the mom's talking w/other mom's on how to work the system to get more money so you do not have to work. These mom's have never come back for their children and one child we were going to care for and love was given to the drug addicted grandmother. Again, you would never know Christians are taking care of orphans because their are no stats to tell you about this family and other families who do this, right here in USA w/out the knowledge of the government, the way it should be.

Carole to Anon #2. Whatever you have read from Obama's book regarding the Born Alive bill is a LIE! Please tell me you didn't use "him" as your source. Proof of his lie is everywhere if you want to see it. Everything he wanted in that bill was given to him and he stopped it at every attempt!
In an article written by David Freddoso he writes:
"Sen. Obama is currently misleading people about what he voted against, specifically claiming that the bill he voted against in his committee lacked “neutrality” language on Roe v. Wade. The bill did contain this language. He even participated in the unanimous vote to put it in.
Every single version of the bill was neutral on Roe. Each one affected only babies already born, not ones in the womb."
To back up D. Freddoso there is this official document From the Illinois general assembly:
LRB093 10540 MKM 13059 a


2 AMENDMENT NO. . Amend Senate Bill 1082 on page 1, by
3 replacing lines 24 through 26 with the following:
4 "(c) Nothing in this Section shall be construed to
5 affirm, deny, expand, or contract any legal status or legal
6 right applicable to any member of the species homo sapiens at
7 any point prior to being born alive as defined in this
8 Section.".
He worked on THIS wording and still voted against taking care of these children. This is an abomination! How can he say in his book the wording in the Bill was not removed before he would agree, when HE Worked on the Bill and the Wording Himself; if he wanted to deceive people I guess he could write anything.
Carole Turner said…
Anon, that is great that you work with the poor. Keep up the good work. God bless.
Anonymous said…
If another post came through saying the same, I am sorry, and please disregard. The first one I posted said it was too large and would not be accepted so I tried again with fewer words. To see it did go through.
Anonymous said…
I know there is a lot of abuse of public assistance, which makes it hard for the truly needy, but we as christians should not let that be an excuse not to do our part for the poor,children & widows.
No matter the motive of the recipient, when we give with a grateful heart we receive the blessing.

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