We Traffic Hope

The ARC conference was in April but I just now received this picture. I like this one of me and my pal Summer. Volunteering at the traffickinghope.org booth. (she has lost like 90 lbs, doesn't she look amazing? And she has written a book about food addiction that she's about to start shopping around to publishers) We have been in this together for over 3 years now! It really is crazy that it's been that long.

Summer leads Midnight Outreach- Strip Clubs and I take the late late shift (Strip club outreach starts at 9:30pm ours starts at 11:00pm!), Dean and I lead Midnight Outreach- Streets.

We are just so grateful that we get to play even a small part in reaching out to people in the sex trade industry and people being trafficked. Working the traffickinghope.org booth at ARC was such a great opportunity and we made some real solid connections. Many people that attended the conference were able to hear about how they too can do the outreaches we do, they can also educate their community and start a coalition in their area to raise awareness.

I believe that the church should be in the forefront of the fight against Human Trafficking, rescuing the least of these, the hurting, the oppressed, and I believe the church IS stepping up and taking back what the enemy has stolen.


HerstoryGirl said…
I am so proud to be serving alongside you in this amazing ministry! I thank God for bringing you and your family into my life!

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