Party time in Funky Town

Last night BRDC hosted a Care Rocks Concert. It was a benefit concert for Foster kids and Christian's Against Cancer put on by Cheiner 2 Productions.

There were Rap, Gospel and R&B artist and honestly, before it started, I wasn't expecting much. I didn't think it was gonna be that good because all the acts volunteered their time. The house band that accompanied all the artist, had to learn 20 songs, so I was thinking it would be decent but not great.

But wow, was I wrong. It was amazing!! 300 people backed the sanctuary, they brought a whole lot of donations and money for the group homes and Christian's Against Cancer.

And the energy was just so free. So fun. No drama, no pressure, just really good fun. I loved it. And it really did glorify God, raised money for God causes and brought a bunch of his children together, white and black, to get lost in His joy and mirth, dancing, singing, just having fun.

So glad I get to serve where I do. I get to be a part of stuff like this....

These are the artist that were there, if you want to check out some of their music.

A2D and C2P "CARE ROCKS" Benefit Concert | A2D - The 
Next Generation of Gospel Mime & Dance


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