Snap Shot; Funky Town AKA The Dirty AKA BRDC

This video was shot at the end of church service yesterday. Church had been dismissed and we were doing our "end of service fast song" that we do every Sunday and Mrs. Barbara Conti and Steven Souls started to do a little walk-dance-march thing around the church. NEITHER of them are what you would look at and think "hey, I bet they want to do a Jericho march"  but we finally had A/C in the sanctuary for the first time in well over a month so we were all very excited and happy, why not take off doing a walk-dance-march thing around the church?

Participating in this march is an ex-cons, an abused wife, a business man who sold everything he had to follow the call of Christ, a housewife who serves the people of the inner city,  a pregnant 17 yr old former prostitute, a mother that just lost her daughter a few months ago, a homeless man, and many more. This is a snap shot of the church family we call the Baton Rouge Dream Center. We are all walks of life, all races, all socioeconomically backgrounds, coming together to learn about God, grow in Christ and have fun worshiping Him.

How blessed am I that I get to be a part of this wonderful family?

Thanks Jordan Gautreau for capturing this! As you say on the video, "Only at the Dream Center".

Oh, and while this was going on Jordan Earles, our worship leader, is standing on a huge speaker leading worship, he CANT stand still, he is all over the stage and occasionally will take to the isle and into the pews to sing with some unsuspecting congregant.

You can hear me singing a little in this video. I'm also playing tambourine cuz that's how we do it in the Dirty, we put some stank on the 'rine and it's all funky!


Chantelle said…
You put some "stank on the 'rine", do ya? Well whatever that is, I hope it's legal. ;)

Great video.

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