Servolution pictures

The HPC shuttle reflecting the block party, how cool is that?

The kids at the block party, awesome and cute as always..

Dean and Floyd, who directed traffic at the block party. He's a really great guy. Loves to come serve.

This is Ms. Joyce. You can't really tell but she's wearing gold lame' leggings with those Cowboy boots. She likes to cuss a blue streak while using the bathroom before church service. One day I really had to hold back the laughter because she said every cuss word know to man and then came out of the stall.."Hey baby, how you?".

One thing that stood out about this years servolution is how many people from the community are now serving. How many of them that are commited to the Dream Center, who are folllowing Christ and growing. And I heard several times from people "we thought ya'll would know, churches come but they don't stay..ya'll stayed." or something to that effect. They see we are in this for the long haul, we are committed to them.

All the kids liked the police on horse back, they got to pet th horse.

This is at the Tiger's Against Traffcking 5k race, I worked the table.

Again, at the TAT 5k. Alliece and I.

No, I didn't run..

But Abel ran! Look at him, hanging with the big guys. He ran it in 30 minutes!


Jennifer Maggio said…
abel ran it in 30 minutes?! that's how long it takes me!

oh, like the new layout of your blog, very appealing.

great brdc stories, too.

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