NEW Redneck Blog Standards

I posted a comment over at on a post she did today about having the best blog ever. I have to say, I think a lot about blogging, what it means, why I do it, all that good stuff. Especially now that so many blogs are dieing due to Twitter and Facebook. Even my blog father, @danohlerking, has forsaken the blog world for 140 characters or less twitter, and status updates on Facebook. But I have chosen to stay on board this sinking ship. I love blogging and I love reading blogs.

I have been blogging since 2005 and I have learned a lot of lessons in the last 4 years, most of the lessons I learned the hard way. After many post that were misguided or motivated by fear, anger, or need for attention, I decided to implement a few questions to ask myself about each post,BEFORE I post it, and for that fact even to ask myself before I twitters and/or Facebook updates,

“will this help?

“Is this written with grace?”

“Is this a true representation of who I am?”


“will this make people laugh and/or dance”

I want all my post, anywhere to answer one or all of these questions. I will fail sometime at this, I'm sure, Gretchen is always wanting to get out and have her say, but I will non the less strive to filter what I post through these questions.

2010 is the dawning of a new day!!

Blog on!

And yes, I put the pictures of the kids on here just because they make me happy.


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