Thanksgiving- No Place Outreach

Today the No Place Outreach team brought a little Thanksgiving love to the homeless people of Baton Rouge. About 10 or 15 homeless people came out to the breakfast at the BRDC Roselawn location. Then we went roaming to the levee, where we gave out a few, then we went to the overpass where we gave out 30 breakfast, cookies, blankets, coats and socks. Mr. Lawrence, who looks like Morgan Freeman, said he had never had this many people around him on Thanksgiving. He is sleeping on the hard ledge of the over pass. Eric Doucet twittered that we needed three or so air mattresses for the ones sleeping on the concrete, and he got a huge response within 10 minutes!

Watch this Video I shot of Michael, who the Miracle Place Church Dream Center recently helped get a job. He's saving his money so he can get a place to live.

I love how God's people come together to help the ones in need at the Holidays. I know it meant a lot to our friends under the over pass.

Here are some more pictures from the day.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Serving some breakfast, cookies, coffee and juice on the levee.

Some of the people of the overpass enjoying breakfast.

Martin staying warm in the sunshine.

Abel and Steele playing with Gesepi the No Place Outreach dog.

Joey Laird bringing some word outside BRDC Roselawn at the breakfast.

Eric, Dean and Aaron praying for a guy that told them he wanted prayer to have the strength to quit doing crack.

Evangeline making cookies. Her, my sister Donna, Dean and Megan went at 5am to cook.

Megan, mom, and Donna at the breakfast.


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