My friends new baby boy after six failed adoptions

My friends Stephanie and Randy have endured 6 failed adoptions. Yes, 6. Every time there was so much hope. One time they had the baby for a few days. Another time a birth mom took them on a wild goose chase through the gulf coast and up the east coast. There were scams ran on them and crooked online schemes and just two weeks ago, after 5 months of going to doctors visits, seeing Sonograms, falling in love with this baby, paying living expenses, treating the birth mom like a queen, the birth mom SOLD the baby to another family at birth! I ached for them. I couldn't imagine the pain. They didn't understand. But they prayed. And we all stood with them.

They had spent THOUSANDS of dollars in legal fees, agency fees, birth mom support. Thousands and thousands over the last few years, and still their arms were left wanting. And the crazy thing was that they were not wanting a lilly white American girl. All these failed adoptions had been of biracial boys and girls. They had a heart to give a home to the babies that are considered hard to place. So, it was confusing.

After this last baby selling one, I was just so broken for that family. I had played a part in this process, I was mentoring the birth mom and I was the one who had to break the news to Stephanie and Randy that she had told me, herself, that she could get more money for her baby from a couple in Utah. Yes, that is what she said. This didn't shock us really because this girl made a living by staying pregnant, (4 times in 4 years) getting families to support her while pregnant (like with a personal driver, lavish clothes, etc) and then getting a huge cash payout after the baby was born. I had talked to her about this, I felt like she was changing, she came to church faithfully, but in the end, she chose what she knew to do to survive instead of listening to and trusting God. She chose evil over good and she almost destroyed Stephanie and Randy and their kids.

But the most wonderful thing happens when the devil thinks he has crushed us, broken our hearts beyond repair, That is when Jesus scoops us up and hold us, comforts, and gives peace. He did that for the Rohners and now he has given them baby Elijah Hayes Lawrence Rohner.

Pray for them as baby Hayes attaches to them, as they attach to him and please pray for the birth mother who gave him this wonderful family.

God is here.

Please take a minute to click HERE and read their blog post about baby Hayes. It would be great too if you would comment, maybe leave a prayer for them and congratulate the Rohners on this amazing miracle.


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