Jesus is Art

Over the summer the Dream Center had a day Camp for the 6-11 year old children. One day local artist and BRDC member Malyia Trahan, taught the kids a little art and let them paint a master piece..

Maylia instructed the kids as they worked...

All the kids contributed to this truly one of a kind work of art..

It now graces the office of Pastor Bouttee..

Along with these two master pieces that were also painted by the kids.

This painting is amazing. It's layered, complex, simple, vibrant, fun, reaching, stirring, full of hope, longing, comfort, strength, color, energy, light. IT IS THE CHILDREN OF THE BATON ROUGE DREAM CENTER!!

I love it.

Please check out, Maylia's Site. She does some really great, totally God inspired art.

You can also order cards and prints of "Jesus is Art" HERE and proceeds go to fund the Art program at the Dream Center

You can see all the pictures from the workshop by clicking HERE.

Jesus IS Art!


Erin Moore said…
I LOVE this!

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