Check out my new necklace. It's so special to me. I love it!!

The house represents a home and a family for orphans. Red is the color of AIDS. The word "Hope" is what it means to an HIV+ orphan to be adopted, to have a home where they can receive love, have a family and get the medication they need. The heart symbolizes the love and the beads represent the country (in this case Ethiopia flag colors) that the child is from.

Please order one of these necklaces. I will be wearing mine as MUCH as possible.

All you have to do is email carolyn@projecthopeful.org to order one.

Selah's Little Red House Campaign

Selah is a FORMER orphan. In an attempt to be reunited with her siblings after being separated because of AIDS, a mission began. Selah decided it is inexcusable that children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS live as orphans. Thus, her Little Red House began. Proceeds from the sales of LRH items will directly help families adopt children with HIV/AIDS, or be united with siblings separated because of HIV.



Unknown said…
Its awesome..What a cause

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