A Case for Knee Pads?


Yea, this is nasty. I actually got nauseated yesterday when Evangeline came in and first showed me. She didn't even cry..but she did lie. she told me she was just walking and fell. Yea, I guess her and Megan thought I was born yesterday. But after much prodding Evangeline confessed that she was riding on Megan's bike pegs and jumped off. Only problem was Megan had not stopped the bike so the back of her leg met the moving front tire, hence the wonderfully long strawberry in Exhibit A and then her other knee met the gravelly concrete, (shown in exhibit B). THIS one actually needed a couple stitches according to our Pediatrician. But look around it, nothing but mushy under layer, so stitching that would have been..well, maybe not to productive. So we have both oral and topical antibiotics and Motrin. What's crazy is Exhibit A hurts her way worse then Exhibit B.


I told her that this just proves they need to always wear knee pads when on the bikes. I now can always refer to this pain and scars to remind her to be safe. Her and Megan both hate the idea of Knee, elbow and wrist pads when just riding around the neighborhood. I make the boys wear helmets but I don't even make the girls wear them.

This morning God reminded me of my motto "Safe is overrated" Do I believe that for my kids too? What is the balance? How do I walk the line between protecting my kids from pain and letting them experience the pain that helps them grow and learn? The pain that grows us closer to Jesus? Heart break, disappointment, rejection. These pains I have no desire for my kids to experience but I know they will.

We can all play it safe and get the end of life alive, or we can jump on the bike pegs, laughing in the wind, flying down the road, and fall off, get hurt, get medicine and heal, learning from the experience but not fearing the next bike ride.

Parenting is hard. God our father is a great teacher.


Anonymous said…
Ouch! That is nasty! It is going to hurt for a while. Do you think there might be a lesson here for everyone? I would post the picture of her injuries on a wall and when they complain about wearing protective gear, show them the picture.
Erin Moore said…
ewwwww. I love that she said she was just walking.
Karen said…
That is nasty.

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