Why we go into the strip clubs

Her hands were shaking, tears running down her face. Church was such a strange world for her, and now here she was sitting in the balcony of a huge church, trying to take notes of the sermon. The message was titled "I have a friend who makes bad choices". She couldn't shake the feeling that the preacher was talking right to her.

Bad choices, wrong reactions and a hard life had led her to the strip club. She dances for money; money to keep her 18 month old son fed. Sometimes, while she was working, she would wonder, "How did it come to this?" Even then, God was reaching out to her.

As she looked in the mirror, putting on makeup and getting ready to take the stage, a group of ladies walked into the dressing room wearing red shirts that read "SERVE" on the back and "HPC" on the front. They smiled, handed each dancer a rose, said "God bless" or "Have a great night" and then they left; just that quick. She was puzzled. She looked down at the rose in her hand and read the card that was attached. "We hope this small gift brightens your day. It's a simple way to say God loves you - no strings attached. Let us know if we can help you. healingplacechurch.org"

Months went by and every month, these ladies came. They brought presents for the dancer's children at Christmas and gift bags on Valentines Day. Every time they smiled, seemed unaffected by the strip club environment and they always gave her a rose.
 She kept every one, laying them out on the dash of her car to dry.
 Now, here she was, sitting in the church that sent those ladies into the clubs to hand her all those roses.

Finally the sermon was over. The man she sat with had been a patron of the strip club she worked at. He had told her she didn't belong in that world and had invited her to church. Both she and the man had been "the friend that makes bad choices". 

The pastor asked if anyone would like to come to the alter and pray; if anyone would like to make Jesus the lord of their lives. She and her friend both knew this was their time.
They walked down and gave their lives to Christ.

This day, they made the best choice of all.


I dont' know if this was the girl I met or not, but I met a girl with a similar story last weekend- single mom.
Anonymous said…
If we can reach just one it is all worth it. More than one is even better. Praise God!
HerstoryGirl said…
Gonna link it! Awesome =)
Unknown said…
I was in tears reading this story. We faithfully prepare the roses each month yet don't get to see the end result. We do it in faith that we may touch the lives of others. How truly awesome to see HIS Amazing Grace! Thank you for sharing this incredible story.

Erin Crain
Connie Firmin said…
I never get tired of hearing stories like this. So glad she came to HPC and thrilled that she made such a great decision. Love our Savior!
CJWood62 said…
Praise the Lord for blessing His works. And the Lord's blessings on the "church" for being there to serve. Can hardly type for the tears in my eyes. Love to all, Cindy

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