Train Wreck Grace

wow. I feel like everything since Wednesday is a blur.

We did Midnight Outreach Wednesday night. We met 10 transvestites. I can't get them out of my head, One said "I might come to church Sunday but I wont come like this" I said "your welcome there just like you are". I am burdened for those boys.

And we also visited a few Truck Stops across the river. Dean and I are now the team leaders for a new outreach to Truck Stops.

Yea, crazy...but good.

And then there's other aspects of what I do as a volunteer at the Baton Rouge Dream Center. Things that over lap with Human Trafficking, things I can't blog about but they break my heart.

It's not an easy world, I have no desire to step back, I love working with the people others have decided were a waste or too hard. The victories are sweet, the losses are painful, the process, watching the train wreck, sometime is too much for me.

And I have only just begun. I think of Donna, Charity, Alliece, years of street ministry, years of dealing with prostitutes, dealers, pimps, etc. I am three years in but after the past couple days, I feel very green, I see God moving me in deeper and I know He's there, He's leading and will give the strength needed... I know what is going on now is just the beginning.

Keeping my eyes on Jesus, really is it. I can't do this without His leading. I can't endure the evil that takes people and makes them wreck their trains. BUT I dare not walk away. I know all this overlapping of ministries that is going on in my life is for a reason, one He will reveal in His time.

I also know that He can even heal the train wreck. Grace.


You are awesome! Keep it up! Love and prayers!

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