Three years ago..

..this month, October 2006, I started leading a book club at HPC and Johnny Green told me about a new outreach facility that HPC had down town, off Roselawn Ave. At the time they called it "Inner City Unit".

One of the first programs they started there was Jump Start which was a preschool program. I knew as soon as I heard about it, that this would be the outreach our book club would be involved in.

Three years ago this month, Summer, Lorri and I went to Roselawn on a Friday, representing the book club, to read to the Jump Start kids. After a few weeks Summer and Lorri were helping with Thrive, which was the ladies bible study that Alliece, Donna and Charity led on Fridays and I helped Susan and Margaret with Jump Start. We did this every Friday...

That was three years ago this month. I celebrate this anniversary with my beautiful friend Lorri, who moved to Washington a year ago but before that was right there, at Thirve and the After School program, loving the people of the inner city. And Susan, THE AMAZING Mother Therese with a southern drawl and some country attitude and Summer, who served the ladies of Thrive until they discontinued the Thrive meetings last year. She now helps with HP Women and alter counseling at the Highland Road HPC campus, leads a connect group for women struggling with food addiction and is now the team leader for Midnight Outreach.

What started as Inner City Unit, a couple outreaches from a small building on Roselawn, became the Baton Rouge Dream Center. A thriving church campus of Healing Place with A Cafe, GED programs, Prison release initiatives, classes for kids aging out of Foster Care, after school activities, help for homeless youth, victims of Human Trafficking, people suffering from substance abuse. Meals, groceries, daily outreaches to the community such as lawn care, block parties, hygiene, grocery and drink giveaways. A free clothing boutique. Sunday services, a breakfast for the Homeless, gardening and hip hop dance classes, and so much more. THIS is where our family serves and we are SO grateful and blessed to be there.

Thank you Healing Place Church for opening the Dream Center. For taking a risk, investing money, time, leadership, resources to love on the people of the inner city. Thank you Dino and Delynn for loving the poor and for allowing us to be a part of a church family that goes into the hard places of the world to reach the one..and in return we are blessed and changed.

This picture was taken at Jump Start, October 2006. standing: Natasha (Summer's daughter) Margaret, Nadia (Summers daughter) me, John Austin (Lorri's son). Sitting in front of them: Susan (holding baby) Steele and Israel (Lorri's daughter). Sitting in front of Table: Raisha (Summer's daughter) and Evangeline.

This picture was taken in 2006 at the Roselawn location. This is Alliece Cole with the first Thrive ladies to be baptised.

Susan holding babies and Evangeline reading to the kids. Look at my baby Steele!

Megan, Evangeline, Caroline Boutee and Anne Marie Boutte at the first Thanksgiving outreach at Roselawn November 2006.

Take a look back at some blog post from the first few outreaches at the Dream Center.

ICU 10/06

Inner City Unit last Friday 10/06

Thanksgiving at ICU 11/06


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