Hip Hop Dance Class

Deana Rizzo teaching some killer moves to the kids.

Yesterday the BRDC After school program had it's first Hip Hop Dance Class, taught by the legendary Deana Rizzo. She is volunteering her time to do this. She's amazing and the class was so street-cred cool! Over 20 kids attended.

Meg, E, Caroline Bouttee and Abel hangin with the pros.

They started learning a dance to a song by our very own BRDC rapper, Big A. and Deanna has big plans for this dance troop.

Meg and E are doing it as Home School PE. We already do Upward soccer,the girls help coach, but this to me is way more fun!

No, I didn't dance, I took pictures. Abel did participate but Steele sat in the corner..he doesn't do crowds dancing very well :-)


Anonymous said…
Nellie was part of a few Hip Hop Dance Groups when we lived back home and she loved it.
She was asking a few days ago about finding a group up here to join.
Looks like everyone had fun!!

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