Choosing Thomas

This is such a beautiful, heart wrenching, real sketch of what it means to be pro life and really GET IT. These people weren't making a political statement on an issue, as she says "I chose not to abort because he is my son".

THIS one issue is what kept me from voting for Obama. If you ask why I'm a registered Independent and not a Republican anymore but what keeps me from being a full fledged Democrat, it is this one issue.

I was arrested several times in the 80's and 90's fighting for the rights of the unborn, I am a champion for adoption now all because this issue matters. It's not about politics, it's about people. Helpless people without a voice..except ours.

"sometimes when you choose the hardest road you get the greatest blessing"


Anonymous said…
I should not have watched this at work. I am crying like a baby. It is so sad and wonderful at the same time that they had the time with him they had.
HerstoryGirl said…
Amen, Sista!!
Carey said…
I've watched this before. It's amazing. Heart wrenching. I was bawling all over the place. So wonderful that they chose to share it with all of us.

Wish I could have voted for the first African American president as well, but I couldn't either.

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