"Abel Ethiopia I Lov mom"

"mom, I made this for you" Abel said as he smiled and handed me this picture.

Some would wonder what the big deal is, kids draw these kinds of thing for their parents all the time. But not until today have I received such a treasure from Abel. Sure, he has colored pictures for me many times but they never said what this one says.."I lov mom" (yes, I know he spelled it wrong) and even more so, "Abel Ethiopia I lov mom" all that together, on the Ethiopian flag, written in English that he just learned!!

He's been home 7 months.

This seemingly simple drawing says that he is Abel, Ethiopia is Abel, the English language he is learning is Abel and Abel loves mom!

I can't explain the intensity of this but trust me. It's huge. and Good.

Of course he drew a Coke bottle for Dean..notice the heart by Dean's name..


Karen said…
I know you will frame these. I love it.
Anonymous said…
Its precious...don't you love it when your kid gets a god moment and saves it for you? Totally cool!
Danny F. said…
I don't know how many times I've held back tears reading about your family. Awesome!
Erin Moore said…
BIG smiles! Precious!

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