Sunday at BRDC

Kids are dressed and looking sharp, Meg and E made sure to accent the new hair color with their outfits..

The boys playing with a puzzle while I practice with the worship team before church..

Danny the guitar man, Frank base player supreme, and Sherrod the drum slayer..

Jordan, our fearless leader and Shaun AKA Rocker boy on Electric Guitar..

Jordan again, our fearless worship leader. He's all of 21 years old. I've known him since he was born. He was actually my room mate when he was 6 months old because I lived with his parents for a bit, my dear friends Lori and Pat Earles are his parents. Jordan is like a nephew to me. Yes, I know he looks like a Jonas Brother but to me he's a mixture of Joe Cocker, John Mayer and Kirk Franklin. He has an amazing heart for worship, loves Jesus and the freedom he walks in is contagious and invigorating to anyone that gets near it. THAT is a testament to GREAT parents. He's a very well rounded boy, wait "man" I should say and I know he is making his mom and dad so proud and making God happy. He's humble, kind, compassionate and has a servants heart. It's such fun watching him walk in his gifts and seeing him ask God to have his way with his talent.

Pastor Reverend Boutte and THE Arnie Hayes , Keyboard wizard extraordinaire, checking out the new drum cage before service..

Sherrod the drum slayer behind his new cage..

Frank on base, Kristin and I on vocals, doing a little pre service rehearsal..

Warming up..

Jordan bringing it during worship!

AND last but not at all least, First Lady Boutte doing a little talk during offering and Pastor Reverend Boutte bringing the word!

It was ANOTHER fantastic Sunday at the Dream Center. So blessed that I get to do this!!


Karen said…
I love me some Jordan! And I'm not a cougar. These pictures are great, Sue. Wish I was there.

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