Stage dwellers

The stage, no matter where it is, will eat your lunch. In the world of Rock and Roll, preforming for the Benjamin's and playing the fame game, getting your lunch eaten makes for great E! news fotter. Drama sells records and TV time.

BUT shouldn't it be different for stage dwellers that are Christians? People who are gifted to lead people into worship and praise to God? Of course.

We are told to do everything as unto the lord. Die to self. Sing unto God. So, ANYONE that steps on a stage, and sings or plays an instrument, and also claims to love and follow Jesus, should always walk onto that stage with that in mind..and in heart.

But, as humans, full of sin and self, it's a constant battle.

"I can't believe she's getting to lead now. She's too young. So and so has been here forever and she should be leading.."

"She thinks she's gonna come in here and lead but she's not"

"I've done the choir thing, that's not what I'm interested in doing right now. I'm more of a lead singer"

I have heard many stage dwelling Christians say these things, I have said similar things. It's the devils way of getting thous who are supposed to worship God and also lead others into worship, to focus on themselves and others instead of the one we are supposed to be singing to-Jesus.

It's called Jealousy.

I had to learn the hard way. I am still learning the hard way. There was a time I thought standing in the back of the choir wasn't good enough. I wasn't "being used" like God intended. My obvious talent was going to waste back there with all the other voices. God wanted me out front, displaying my wondrous abilities, not hidden and unknown like all the other choir members.

And for too long, instead of worshiping I was thinking of how much better I could sing that song, or how unfair it was that THAT person got to lead instead of me and I was just waiting to be noticed.

Self centered evil jealousy was what that was.

I believe that jealousy is the BIGGEST problem in the world of stage dwelling Christians. Jealousy destroys the worship experience. It's not adultery, or drunkenness so we can appear holy and good outwardly. But jealousy digs deep into the heart and makes it ugly.

I always have to check Jealousy.

"she doesn't know what the heck she's talking about! That isn't even a part!..I could lead this song better. I should be leading this song"

Then the Holy Spirit says to me "if you were sitting in a pew, or a card board box on the street, singing to me with a pure heart, it would be more beautiful then what you are singing right now. Jealousy is noise to my ears, not praise"

So, I repent of the nasty jealousy eating at my heart. I step into gratefulness that I get to sing at all, anywhere. Grateful that HE hears me whether I'm on the back row of the Choir or center stage. Knowing that it's not about being seen or heard by ANYONE but Him! Worshiping Him, dieing to self, doing it all as unto the matter where I dwell on the stage.


Anonymous said…
Love your bold honesty. I envy singers period, as I couldn't hold a note to save my own life. My kids tell me I sing like a goat, they got that off of "Rigoletto".

An anointed set of vocals is such a blessing, not only to those with them, but for those of us without them as well. (1 Corinthians 12)

They stir up emotions like no other, they bring Hope, Joy, and Peace to the crusted, hurting, and troubled soul, they change lives and lead others to Christ, and most of all they bring Glory, Honor, and Praise to the One seated on the Throne.

I Love HPC Worship with a passion!!!

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