Six Months Home..

Playful and daring..

Sad and contemplative..

Amused easily..

Giddy and happy.

In some ways it feels like just yesterday that we arrived home with Abel from Ethiopia and in others it seems like forever. We have all grown so much, some has been painful stretching but mostly just day to day living, learning and loving. I cannot express how much love God has grown in us all through this wonderful little boy. He did it through all my kids and all very differently.

The scary thing is, life would be easier if Dean and I just had Evangeline and never had the audacity to think God wanted very imperfect people like us to be the parents of Steele and even more so of an older Orphaned boy named Abel, but Oh My Great and Wonderful God, am I glad we didn't choose easy!!

How much wonder, joy and love would we be missing out on had we taken the easy road instead of the road less traveled?

Thank you Jesus for Abel...what an amazing journey we have ahead of us.


Unknown said…
Thanking Jesus for mammas like YOU! I love your family's courages and willingness to step out and live by faith in adopting an older child.
Natalie said…
I like amused easily!
Elysa said…
Oh Carole...this got me misty eyed!

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