Selah's Little Red House

I love to buy things that are made for the sole purpose of helping orphans, the poor, homeless, etc. That's why I love TOMS shoes, Children's Cup T-shirts, Saints Coffee and Mocha Club T-shirts. They are all things I would buy anyway, clothes, shoes, Coffee, but I can buy and the purchase makes someone else's life better.

My online friend Caroline Twietmeyer is a champion for Orphans with AIDS. She has 10 kids, many are former Orphans and one of them, her daughter Selah has AIDS (you can read her story HERE) Selah designed this necklace. Here is how her mother, Caroline, described the creation of these necklaces.. resolution for Selah and to help her with what SHE feels called to do was to come up with a plan that could help bring the kids home and then eventually be a way for her to help families bring their HIV+ kids HOME and also reunite siblings separated because of HIV/AIDS...So we sat down and came up with what she named "Selah's Little Red Houses" The red is obviously a symbol here for AIDS, but it is her favorite color that was a no brainer...She wanted to express that a home means HOPE so that kids with HIV don't have to die...and LOVE for her brother and sister and need to be with them again...thus the heart..Inside the heart are the ET colors Obviously symbolizing uniting our home with Ethiopian kids. (This will be changeable to help other families with their countries) We currently have a small army of former orphans from ALL over the place and their US siblings that want to create this jewelry here to create families for the kids left behind! BUT...we are starting right now with ETHIOPIA and the most logical place to start is to bring these kids HOME....Give Selah back what has been stolen from her because of AIDS...and give them the fuel to help other children into their adoptive families.

We have glass beaded bracelets and necklaces, beaded and on European leather cords all sterling findings..

I think these necklaces are amazing!

Please go buy one...or a hundred, Christmas is coming up :-)


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