I am sitting here reading over 8th grade English print outs "The Breakup of the British Empire". I wanted to order some great English Curriculum but we cant afford it so I have been searching the Internet for free eighth grade English material. I actually think I found some great stuff.

Dean worked all weekend, but the kids and I had a great day at the Dream Center. I am totally serious when I tell you that I felt God touch my heart during worship so sweetly. I always am so grateful for what I get to do, worship was sweet.

But I came home to doubt. fear. worry. Yea, I talk a good game and not only that but I have had faith for great wonderful things. But today I am weary. I feel overwhelmed by homeschooling. Overwhelmed by parenting. Overwhelmed by NOT having enough money to pay everything that needs to be paid.

I sat in my bed last night and read Matthew 6 and it helped. God's words is true. I know it. I have seen him bring in money, miraculous money, for two adoptions, that we couldn't afford and daily bread. Making it monthly when we shouldn't. So I know HE does miracles. You would think I could walk in faith for the rest of my life but it just doesn't work that way. The minute we talk about how great God is, how we believe in miracles, how we KNOW he will provide, the enemy hits us HARD! No, I don't believe the circumstances are caused by the devil, I believe that is God stretching my faith by allowing things to look really bad financially. But I do believe the fear is placed there by the devil to get me not to trust and believe and walk in what I know to be true. HA! Thank God I know who is greater then the enemy! I may doubt, I may fear, but God's grace is even bigger then what I feel or what I think "where could I go but to the lord?" SO true. And honestly, as the three Hebrew children said in the fiery pit "even if he doesn't spare us.."

Yes, truth is all we need is Him. Suck it up and work at Chick Fil A. He will give you the time, the strength...oh I need the strength, please because I really want to sleep lord, give me the strength. Take my "overwhelmed" Lord.



Erin Moore said…
praying for you sistah
Anonymous said…
Oh, I can so relate my friend. I will pray for strength and a settled heart. He is committed to helping us grow up even when we would rather lie down. I will be praying for you. You have a lot on your plate but in Christ you are fully capable. In 2 Cor. 9, God said he provides the seed for the sower. You have been sowing and he will continue to supply so that you can continue to sow.

Carole, I am teaching 8th grade English Language Arts too and combining Georgia and Louisiana curriculum to make my lessons. I can send you my lesson plans. We don't have textbooks and most of my stuff comes from the internet and a few come from books I already have, but most I try for free archives that I can use. Would you like the information?

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