No Parkin' on the Dance Floor

I used to think I was a good dancer. Back in the 80's I probably was but now, from what my kids and husband say, I am not so good.

At E's party I broke out the Shampoo, which is a dance I made up, and yes, she was mortified.

But God moves in the bad dancers. You know why? Because we dance anyway and when bad dancers dance then that makes the mediocre dancers feel OK to dance, and the good dancers feel even more OK to dance. See, we lay the ground work, open the gate, and refuse to park on the dance floor even when others, that actually dance better, refuse to move unless someone else starts.

Like this guy. I posted this video before but man do I think it's worth watching over and over..

And this next video, when I watched it the first time over at Carey's blog, I actually cried! I love the song, love the dancing, love the idea, and I really would love it if one or all of my kids had this go on at their wedding!!

I always said if I ever get to preach, my first sermon will be called No Parkin' on the Dance Floor..and yes, it would be illustrated.


Anonymous said…
let me know when you preach that and I can help illustrate!
Karen said…
I love the dancing wedding! Made me want to cry that people can truly be happy! Loved it.
Leesavee said…
Hey, you can't possibly be as bad a dancer as I am. I channel Elaine Benes from Seinfeld on the dance floor!

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