My sister is in town, part 1: Saturday Outreach

My sister Donna and her daughter Megan.

Today we got up and went on an Outreach with the Dream Center crew. I never get to go on Saturday outreach, it's been a year I think, since I last went. So it was great that I got to do this with my sister, she loves doing this kind of stuff. We handed out waters at the intersection of Victoria and Winbourne Ave and we also gave out 150 FREE snow cones in front of the High Neighbor Super market that is on that corner.

What I love about serving with these peeps is that we also got to pick up the trash all around the parking lot and corral shopping carts. I love serving with people that live by my favorite motto "Leave it better then you found it".

Here is some pictures from the morning...

Megan, Donna and Evangeline posing before the outreach..

Mrs. Bernie and Daniel, Two servers supreme fantastical!

Paul, Evangeline and Joey Laird getting the waters ready to give out..

Daniel with the amazing hard working and always spunky and happy Susan getting waters and asking me if I was gonna help or just take pictures all day! No lie, that is what she was saying as I snapped the picture, can't you tell by her face? :-) I love HER!!!

Servin' up some Snow Cones..

Customers with snow cones outside of High Neighbor.



Natalie said…
Good times but the day ain't over yet>>>>

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