Logic is a Liar

The truth is, we can't out give God. When we take care of His little ones, He will take care of us. We know this, but do we believe it? Will we walk in it even when logic says not to? Do we have faith enough for this time?

I think the greater question is, how much do we really "need". Are we willing to sacrifice Cable TV, A Mocha, new furniture, a bigger house, so that we can help people that are really lacking basic needs like food, water, shelter, medication?

I'm gonna say yes. Even though we struggle probably as much if not more then anyone with finances. As a family we make right at what is the average Medium household income for a family of five in the state of Louisiana. We tithe, we give to several organizations, sponsor children, support organizations like Children's Cup and our local church BUT if we write out our budget, money for all that is not there. When I see our income on paper and what we have to pay out every month in bills, there is not enough, so logic would tell me to NOT give to Children's Cup, NOT sponsor a child at Watoto or give monthly to provide education, food, shelter and bible classes to an Orphan in Ethiopia through Hope Chest. Logic says, "You need that money! How will you feed your own kids!! Don't you need some new heels and a fresh hair cut? Wouldn't you like to go out to eat with Dean on a romantic dinner sometime? Ya'll work hard, Dean deserves that. You deserve a new car, nicer couch, some new pumps! Other people who are rich will give. Don't burden yourself with starving kids. Leave that to Bill Gates or Oprah, or people who dig all that Humanitarian stuff and wear Tye Dye and Dread lock their hair."

Logic lies.

Jesus said he cares more for me then the Lilly's of the field and they are beautifully clothed. He said not to worry about what I eat or drink because he knows I have need of them (Matthew 6:25-27) . So, I'm covered, my family is covered, as far as needs, what we really "need" he's taking care of me..and he tells me in Matthew 25:37-46 how I am supposed to treat the hungry, the naked, the imprisoned.

Dean and I actually laugh now at the wonders of Gods provisions. We have learned to completely walk by faith, not try to see where the money is coming from, but to trust that light to our feet, that daily bread, and just let Him provide because we are doing as He said by taking care of the least of these. It's a joy to walk in this and live it out because HE ALWAYS PROVIDES!! Dean will win a sales incentive at work, or a painting job comes available or I get more hours working, some way, we make it. Sure, we have to cut back, do without things that others may deem a necessity but they really aren't necessities, they are just logic's way of convincing us to not do what Christ said.

And what I love is that logic is found to be a liar EVERY TIME!!

I received the E-mail below today from Children's Cup. I know we all are cutting back on our spending, that's great cuz' now we can give.

Even if you could give $10 a month, or make a one time donation of any amount, it would help.

THIS is what God wants us spending our money on. He will bless you...test Him and see that he is good.

Dear Friends,

I am not comfortable with high-drama appeals that say things like, “We’ll have to shut down feeding several hundred needy kids if we don’t get immediate help,” and we’ve never had to—until now.

It is urgent enough that we are sending this to just about anybody who has ever said a kind word to us, to make the need known.

A great church has for a long time been sponsoring the operation costs of two of our Care Points in Swaziland at $3,500 each—$7,000 every month. Both Care Points give food, medical care, education, Christian training for several hundred children every day.

That church has had to suspend their help because of the economic downturn in their area—please pray for them.

The Children’s Cup budget can keep them going only until September. We know the names and backgrounds and needs of these children. I can’t describe the Cup Team’s anguish over the thought of telling them that we can no longer help them. For some it is like saying, “We can no longer keep you alive.”

A combination of immediate cash gifts and ongoing monthly pledges can keep the doors open.

Perhaps God is urging you or your group or church to respond with a certain amount of cash or pledge to help.

To use a bankcard call 225-673-4505 or go to www.childrenscup.org. Our mailing address is PO Box 400, Prairieville, LA 70769-400

On behalf of the kids whose lives you will change and even save, “Thank you, in Jesus’ name.”

Dave & Jean

P.S. Thank you for your continuous prayers for the team's health. Ben and Susan and the family are doing fine and most of the team is back to normal and feeling better. The doctors were calling it the 100 Day Flu and now Swine Flu has hit the nation. So please keep praying!


Elysa said…
I'm also praying and brainstorming about this, Carole. And it's so true...we can't outgive God. Not...I'm going to give this money so MY family will get rich, but I'm going to give this money and trust that God will not only take care of our basic NEEDS (not just greedy wants) but He'll enable me to give MORE! I love it!
Sandra said…
Great post, Carole!
Karen said…
Sorry, off subject. What email can I use for you?
Unknown said…
Hey girl...I actually visited one of the care points a few weeks ago that's slated to be shut down if another church doesn't step in. I left in tears wondering where they all would go...never knew one trip could change my life so much.
Erin Moore said…
Thanks Carole, this really spoke to me and met me right where I am.
Anonymous said…
This post is an encouragement and I wanted to thank you for posting it and to let you know I've linked it on my blog. Thanks.

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