God is Funny


That's me writing out Math terms like "additive identity","associative property of addition" and "natural numbers" so I can teach/learn this stuff myself.

As I was doing the number line with the girls this morning at 8am, I snickered inside cuz' I am learning stuff I should have learned in 7th or 8th grade but never did. Now I'm teaching it and learning it at the same time. Saxton Math is great for people like me who have to teach something they don't know themselves.

God has me doing this. He knows I love to learn, grow and know things. He knew this would be hard but I'd dig it really once I jumped in.

Later as I was trying to learn the 14 out of 50 words that I misspelled on our spelling test, (about the same number missed by the girls) 14 of the United States of America, (yea, we all stunk it up spelling the States, something I DEFINITELY should know but didn't) I snickered again. Then Megan started her normal "I can't spell" just after I had twittered that exact negative statement. The statement I have said thousands of times over my 42 years here on earth. The phrase Megan is telling herself every time she starts to write...

THEN I shot my fist in the air and shouted "I CAN SPELL! SAY IT GIRLS! SAY IT! I CAN SPELL! I CAN SPELL!" they looked at me half thinking I was crazy, half laughing, and slowly joined in the chant when they realized I was completely serious. On we went, laughing the whole time, believing it more and more.. "I AM A GOOD SPELLER! I AM A GOOD SPELLER". WE CAN DO THIS!" Then we all laughed, continued spelling and learning.

Name it and claim it...and study and work our butts off to learn it!!

Good times.

God is funny.


Anonymous said…
I guess I'm just old. I don't recognize any of those terms. We never had terms like that when I was in school. Of course, I was terrible at math and today I am a bookkeeper. Go figure. Good luck with the home schooling. It looks like you are off to a good start.
Kiss my babies for me. Love MOM
HerstoryGirl said…
This cracked me up!! You are absolutely right and you are way smarter than you give yourself credit for!

And yeah, God is funny.
Like keeping me sick for 2 weeks so that I will get more done on my book. =P
Hey, whatever works, right?

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