First day of School

Abel couldn't sleep last night, he was so excited. I peaked in his room at 11pm last night and had to tell him to not open his eyes again, cuz' he was wide awake. At 6:50am I woke them up and I think he was completely dressed by 6:51am.

Steele fell asleep within a minute of hitting his bed last night at 9:30pm. He really didn't understand why Abel was completely dressed this morning within two minutes, while he was still laying in the bed, NOT wanting to get up. "I'm not wearing this belt!..I'm not tucking this shirt in! I'm untucking it when I get to school..I'm wearing a hat!" THIS is how Steele acts with change, or if he's afraid. I stayed calm, brought him in close, kissed his chubby cheeks, and spoke to him with my cheek next to his and told him he was gonna have a great day. He looked great, his hair looked great, his belt, his shoes, everything. He calmed down.

Both boys were so happy that Daddy was able to come home from work to take them to school.

He almost cried a few times..not me. HA!

Steele being handed off to his teacher, he did great.

He's little baby boy!

Of course I had to do the hold the camera up picture of Abel and me in his class room.

I could tell he was a little scared. But Dean and I both hugged him and reassured him he was gonna have a great day.

And last but not at all least, my girls. As Megan said just now "I may be in my Pajama's but I'm not going to bed.." They just finished up writing down all the "A" words on the map of the world. Geography is fun! And now we are ALL doing a spelling test...I'm missing more words then they are!


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