Failure is a great motivator

This is a picture of the girls doing school work. I took it from behind my desk. God blessed us with a house that has an office space off the master bedroom, so my office is now the school room.

When we thought we were going to put E in public school, I had her tested and she did not do very well. I was devastated. In my mind I had failed her. No matter what anyone says, I know this to be true. Her doing poorly on the test didn't bother her near as much as it did me because I knew I could have been a better teacher last year..and I wasn't.

Megan was tested last year in Florida and did poorly also.

So, when we decided to home school again I knew I would have to do everything differently. What used to take 2 hours now takes 4, I am completely hands on, no working independently and we stay on something until it's gotten completely, no just moving on to the next problem.

WE are gonna get this, E, Megan and Me. We are gonna learn, a lot and at the end of the year we are gonna know a lot, we will all be able to speak better, write better, spell better, have a better vocabulary, know where wonderful and fascinating places are in the world and be able to dazzle our friends by doing some complicated math problems. We will ALL be ready for the 9th grade!!

Thank you Jesus that I get to do this with my daughter and my niece. I will not fail them or you this time. I will be the best teacher I can be to these girls and I will learn. Thank you for second chances.

Failure is a great motivator.


Jodi Lyn said…
E may not have performed like the school wanted. But I know that she is way beyond where most people ever get to spiritually! And eternally that is what really matters, quit beating yourself up, because she didn't perform to societies standards, you answer to way higher standards and on that test she is amazing, light and salt to a very dark world...just go ask some homeless people on a Thursday am...
Natasha K. said…
If they don't like math, tell them I feel they're pain! I H A T E math!
Anonymous said…
watch The Soloist....brains aren't everything!What E spends her life on is far more worthy....God will be sure she has what she needs. blessings.
Erin Moore said…
So inspiring Carole! You are a wonderful have raised an AMAZING young woman! Honestly Carole, my oldest makes high honor roll, but I pray that he will be more like E. Grades are nothing if your heart isn't all His.

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