Epic Midnight

Last night Courtney Dumas got together some girls from Epic Student Ministries to help prep the roses and pray over them for Midnight outreach. The girls ranged in age from 12 to 18.

This is a great way for the younger generation to be a part of Midnight outreach, a vital ministry that HPC does to strippers, prostitutes and other workers of the sex trade industry.

These girls didn't physically go on the outreach with us but they were a part of getting 160 roses into the hands of approximately 60 dancers, 15 bar maids working in the strip clubs, 30 ladies sitting in the strip clubs, 10 prostitutes (some were transvestites) working various corners on Plank road (AND giving a rose to their female Pimp), 15 random ladies we drove by in the bad areas of town, 8 to the hard working ladies of the Waffle house, and 22 to the ladies hanging out at the Top Ten Bar.

These girls were a part of saying things like, "God bless you...have a great night..no, it's free..your not forgotten..yes, we are with HPC, oh cool, your aunt and uncle go there? yea, come visit sometime" all with a smiling face, handing a rose with a card attached that reads "We hope this small gift brightens your day. It is a simple way to say God loves you - no strings attached. Let us know if we can help you." And on the back of the card is the phone number to HPC, directions and service times.

For the north side of town, where most of the prostitutes are, we have the red Baton Rouge Dream Center card attached so the ladies that receive this card can get the help they need by contacting the Dream Center or coming to service there.

The Epic girls were a part of walking boldly into the darkest, loneliest places, and reaching out to people most wont even look at or acknowledge that they are people God loves and sent His son to die for.

15 year old Claire Ferrara posing with the cards and Ribbon that we put on the roses..

16 year old Victoria Kelly and 18 year old Faith Hardee looking beautiful with some roses..

Courtney, who is crazy...

Me. Cuz' when your with Jr. High and High school girls there WILL be fun pictures.

A DJ in on of the strip clubs announced as we entered the room to pass out roses "See, they do care about you".

Thank you girls! An Epic Midnight indeed.

All for Him!


alison hughes said…
Hi, I've never left any note before but I love to read your blog. I'm curious about life in louisiana. I know you have a sweet heart for kids and want let you know about my daughter and her family they sold everything and left for Ethiopia in May. I miss them so much I'm going there Sept. 1st. They are with drawnfromwater.org. they are in need of adoptive families and funds to continue. Jessie and Levi have two biological children and one adopted from california. they are also in the middle of adopting from Ethiopia. please let the word out to others with a heart like you all. Jesus bless you and yours Alison.
Erin Moore said…
What a powerful outreach Carole - what are the reactions from the women who receive the flowers?

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