The Cafe is the main entry point for people from around the Baton Rouge Dream Center that are seeking assistance or curious about all we have to offer.

Many hurting, lost souls come through the doors to check out this "Free" stuff. Often times they are in great need, sometimes they are in need of a home, an escape from a pimp, some tutoring, groceries, diapers. etc.

The cafe is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Free Community Coffee is served, along with bagels, muffins, and other snack breakfast foods. On Friday, our boutique of free clothing is open during Cafe hours.

A representative from each support service area of the Dream Center is available to meet with the people and get them plugged into the resources that will hopefully meet their needs.

Right now we are in need of volunteers to greet the people, sit with them, fill out the intake forms which tell us what each person needs, and also just to hang out, be a nice face, talk to the people, make them feel welcome and at home at the Baton Rouge Dream Center.

If you would like to help with the Cafe please contact or

Lives are being changed here at the Baton Rouge Dream Center, people the devil tried to destroy, people that have listen to the devil lie to them about their worth, are seeing Jesus reach out to them with a cup of coffee, some free clothes, diapers, a muffin, small acts that say we love you, Jesus loves you, Jesus can change your life. And like Pastor Dino always says..Jesus is here and anything can happen.


Karen said…
I love this! Beautiful.

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