brain drops from my 42nd birth DAY: part 1

It's 1:46pm on my 42nd birthday and so far this day has really sucked! I got up to nothing from my family. They know I don't like store bought cards so I guess they didn't have time to write a card either.

I make coffee, get the boys eating breakfast and watching PBS and I attempt some quite time while the girls sleep.

Steele informs me that there is Peanut Butter and an open sleeve crackers in the girls room.

I get dressed, put in laundry, clean the living room, fold clothes and wake up the girls so I can go finish registering at least Evangeline for school.

Dead end at Middle school, E's Doctors form hasn't been faxed over so she can give herself insulin at school, E's immunizations are not up to date, cant enroll till ALL are, which would mean my girl getting way to many shots at one time.

I leave mad. Mad at the day, mad at the school, mad that this is my birthday and it sucks!

I ask God for HELP!!

"Doors are closed, neither child will be in school by Wednesday. What to do? Should I home school both E and Megan? Is that it? Ugh!! I dread that! It's a lot of work and I didn't do a very good job at it last year"

But I called Dean, told him the deal and we both decided that is what we are going to do. Him and I and Megan's mother feel at peace about it. I would rather NOT home school them, but right now, there is no other option and I do feel at peace, that's a good sign. Meg and E are cool with it too.

SO, the boys will still go to school and they are very happy about that.

All that was decided around 11am. Dean twittered me a Happy Birthday, and he's NOW taking me to dinner tonight and I've gotten many really nice Twitter and Facebook Birthday wishes from my really great friends and family, and the kids got a sheet of notebook paper and made me a card...

But insanity still abounds...

around 11am, Abel got a comb so matted and stuck in his hair that I had to cut it out so I took him and Steele to Walmart for hair cuts then when we got home Steele did a wheelie on his bike, fell back, head to concrete, now has a huge goose egg. I mean HUGE! So I put an ice pack on his head, try to make my 5 year old maniac boy stay inside and not worsen his injury and pray he doesn't vomit or his pupils don't start dilating.

Seriously, I do not want to deal with a concussion on my birthday...or any day for that matter.

BUT my friend Robin brought me a beautiful plant and a fun singing card and that is really nice and good...

Plants make me feel good.

I'm a needy relational person, words of affirmation are always coveted and much so to be considered healthy I'm sure but that's just how it is.

Birthday's make me want to make resolutions, like New Years for others. This year I want to be a more calm, patient mom and wife. Have others consider me easy to work with (for me that's a lofty goal, I am opinionated and get my feathers ruffled easily). I also want to walk in grace and mercy more. I want to give more and live everyday like I was dieing because really, we all are.

I'll post more later...cuz this day IS getting better!!

Happy birthday to me!


Ron & Maria said…
What a good idea! To make Birthday's a resolution opportunity!! I'm going to do it... I'm glad I have til April to figure out which resolution!

I think it's a good sign that your boy's bump came out instead of going in! Boys are active... yea, girls are too, but boys are more physical...when they're being active! crazy!

and thirdly... I don't think a school can keep you out for not being 'up to date' or finished with immunizations... you just need a doc note. Some people elect not to immunize their children - and it's against the law to require they be immunized.

Fourthly, (is that even a word?) I'm glad you're at peace with HS! b/c you have to be at peace no matter how hard things are, no matter what you're doing - it's that PEACE that gets you through!

ok, Fifthly.... now I like my new words... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! TIME FOR THE SPANKING MACHINE!!! if your 42, you mush know about the spanking machine!


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