Brain drops from my 42 birth DAY: part 2..

SO it's 10:42pm and I am about to hit the hay. My birthday may have started out crappy (see brain drops from my 42nd birth DAY part 1) but it ended really well.

Dean took me to dinner, Summer brought me over some really cool shirts, lotion, flowers and a cake. She's a great friend.

I had worship practice and the BRDC worship team made me a cake!

And all the happy birthday wishes coming over twitter and facebook really did make the day great. SO thank you, everyone!

Although I did have to cuss (say Barbara Streisand and/or "freak") at @daddygriffis and @ericdoucet for saying I was 46 and 49!! :-)

I will live like I'm dieing, safe is overrated and I plan to Die empty!

Rock on!


Anonymous said…
Happy Late Birthday!!
So glad it ended better than it started :)

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