The War of Art

A month ago I twittered about how I knew God had a book in me but I never sat down to start writing it. Tom Davis (the author of Scared, the book I raved about a couple post back and a book you should definitely read) twittered back to me that I should read the book "The War of Art". Well I of course ordered it immediately since this great author and advocate for the poor had recommended it. I read it on vacation.

Wow, seriously, that book should be read by any artist, writer, poet, anyone who is creative or thinks they should be creative.

I will say my only disclaimer is that this guy cusses like a sailor and his views on many things are not Christian. He does believe we are all here for a purpose, put here by God, but I don't think he's a Christian. SO, if your one of those people that get offended easy or can't learn from a book by an unbeliever then you will not like this book. BUT you will be missing out big time if you are a creative person needing motivation or direction, cuz' this guy nails it...I really do believe God gave this wisdom and knowledge to the author to share with all creative people.

Here are some quotes I twittered from the book while on vacation...

"most important thing about art is to work nothing else matters except sitting down everyday and trying"

"sign of the amateur is over glorification of & preoccupation with mystery. The pro shuts up. Doesn't talk about it. She does her work"

"The more scared we are of a work or calling,the more sure we can be that we have to do it"

"the counterfeit innovator is wildly confident. The real one is scared to death."

While reading this book I realized why I submersed myself in the works of Tolkien and Lewis for so long, it's because I envied their creativity, their works, I wanted to learn from them but then I became consumed by my supposed inability to create like they did. I lived through their works instead of creating the work inside of me.

Steven Pressfield the Author, talks a lot about people who want it all before they start writing, so they never start writing BUT we have to start writing then it will come.

That is me.

While reading this I felt convicted, challenged, awakened and so freakishly encouraged to get after it, no matter the outcome.

So thanks Tom Davis, you were already a hero of mine for your life work with Orphans and the poor, and for writing Scared, now you are even more of a hero for suggesting I read a book that kicked my butt properly.


Anonymous said…
I found The War of Art so provocative and inspiring when I read it last year. I just went back and read the blog I wrote about it. I loved his passage about resistance. It's in this post if you are interested:
Unknown said…
I needed this more than you know.
jennifer maggio said…
yep, definitely identify with the amateur statement & the being scared to death. okay, so now to write more........... :)

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