Random Friday Questions

How many times did the Apostle Paul say the word "Orgy" or the Greek/Hebrew, whatever equivalent in the new Testament?

Am I correct in saying that Paul, in several books of the New Testament, says "I even hear.." or something like that, of sexual immorality of a culture, what they were involved in before becoming Christan's or are still involved in, and how others in that environment are coming apart from that and living for Christ, hoping to influence the ones around them?

Totally off that subject..

Who invented the Mammogram and why haven't they come up with a less painful way of examining women's breast for cancer then putting them in a vice grip?

Did you know Mammograms are only 50% accurate?

Why do people "love" your passion just so long as it doesn't ruffle their feathers, make them feel uncomfortable?

Why can't we all stop worrying about how things "look" and instead concern ourselves with how things ARE and the heart of the matter?

Why does everyone have to freak the geek out over everything?

Talk amongst ya' selves.


natalie said…
Dont know about that mammograms bit but know about those FEATHERS being ruffled....
HerstoryGirl said…
Hey! Whehr's my cawfee???

I'm feeling verklempt...
Chantelle said…
Oooooh my. I SO relate to the feather ruffling!!! People seem to cheer when they like my hootspa about SOME things and then turn around and get their panties in a bunch when I hit a nerve.

Aww well. Your post is hysterical. I love it. Like buttah.

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