Picture's from E's birthday party

Dylan Maggio, aka young Michael Jackson, lighting up the dance floor..

Evangeline aka Madonna, opening her gifts..

The coolness of Slash aka Landon Wells..

Kiss aka Cortney Dumas, Jamie Doyle, Tori Best and Lauren Song and Madonna..

Me aka Pat Benatar showing these youngins how it's done..

Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snyder aka Dean lookin freaky..

again in the Pop Corn maker..

Twisted Sister, Madonna and Pat Benatar..

Run DMC aka Derrick and Eric Wright..

Slash and Madonna..

Elvis aka Shaun Billie (my Niece Candice's boyfriend) and Madonna

Now enjoy all the pictures from the party to Beat It by MJ..


Crystal Renaud said…
that's SO fun!!!!
Dan King said…
Looks like it was a great party!
Karen said…
I am jealous in the best way possible! Wish my kids could have been there. I LOVE DEAN!!!
Anonymous said…
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