Oh how we lie to deny you.

Fire why? Burn inside.
Fly Fly Fly.
Oh How I cry.
How I lie, to deny.

Where's the pain? The Rain.
It's all the same.
Say it again.

Go and don't look back.
Pack, pack, pack.
And hate what you took.
Leave it there.
Have no fear?
Have no fear.

Forever begs you help.
Today sees you wait.
no eat, no sleep.

Where are His feet?
His hands close tight.
A purse.
Close your eyes God
As we let them die.
Oh how we lie to deny you.

Show me your tiny hands.
Empty, holding nothing.
Grasping for my everything.

Fire why burn inside.
Hush while you die.
No more cry.
Fly. Fly. Fly.

Carole Turner 7/09


Unknown said…
Fire why do you burn inside? I can feel it to Carole.

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