Minding the Gate Keeper

My friend Anne once said about someone, "their gate keeper is completely gone. They will say anything". The gate keeper is that imaginary man standing in front of your mouth that keeps things you want to say but shouldn't inside the mouth rather then letting it all spill out. Same goes for fingers and what they type on Twitter, this blog or an e-mail.

I don't think It will come as a shock to any of you reading this, that I don't really mind the Gate Keeper as much as I should. Lately it's really gotten me into trouble. Not "call you into the Principals Office" trouble but I've hurt or offended people I didn't want to and that stinks.

See there is a fine line between speaking with passion and stirring the pot and I fall on the pot stirring side too often.

For a while I had "The fool known for her many words" as my Twitter bio line but I took it off because I don't want that to be what defines me. Yes, my nature is that fool, but my heart wants grace, and mercy over freedom. See, I can say I'm justified in what I say, I am free to speak but if what I say is not rooted in love, grace and mercy then what I truly believe in is not how I am speaking. Often times I let my passion, my anger, my need for justice to take the lead rather then speaking in love..or even considering not speaking at all. I know that sometimes, it is better to let the Gate Keeper hold my tongue, wait, listen and think, before I speak or start pounding out words on this keyboard. I pray I can do that more.



yep....hard lesson to learn. been there many many times myself. lately, really thru only the grace of God...i find myself praying more that other person than trying to "fix" them, ya know? i can get VERY heated over a few things, and when i do, i find myself bitter & furious. so,i'm praying for some fixin' of my own. love ya.
HerstoryGirl said…
But those of us who know your heart will always forgive the moments when the gate-keeper got bypassed. :D

Excellent point, though. Great words we should all take to heart!

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