Let Freedom Ring!

"With great power comes great responsibility"
From the movie Spiderman



Unknown said…
Just came on over from RAP.

Your featured poem struck a chord very deep within me.

I have just relocated from South Africa to Ireland. I find the transition to be hard because I have been removed from the poverty that surrounded and screamed at me every day. I have been removed from very visible and evident need where I was able to do the least and make a difference.

The ones you write about became a "you" to me a few years back and I am trying to find them where I live now. There are fewere here but they are here and I now I need to learn how to meet them where they are at.
Unknown said…
apologies... fewer.
Carole Turner said…
Thanks Claire. I know you will find a way to do what's in your heart for the poor.

Thanks for reading my blog.

God bless.

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