I am Free

I wrote this when I was in the Funk Cloud, it just kinda came to me. I know it was God. It's just a chorus really and I recorded it right after I wrote it down on paper so this is really raw.

I'm not used to putting something like this out here,I am used to letting fear that it's not good enough, keep me from it and even now I know to some it wont be that good but that's OK.I'm trying to not be so self conscious about this kinda thing cuz' it's not about me anyway.

So here you go..


shannon said…
Anonymous said…
Interesting that you pointed at your table. Maybe as an accident.

I think not.

The cross. Made of wood. I am free.

You are free.

We can be free.

Thank you Jesus.
Anderson Crew said…
very nice! don't be scared to post, fear is of the devil
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
did not know this about you! beautiful words, beautiful voice! this is what I love about you..... you did not let fear stop you from putting this out there! Go!!

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