Helping the Orphans

As I poured my coffee yesterday morning I prayed for Amanda and her family. They had court for their adoption of the nephews who have lived with them for many years. They already have custody of them and it's a domestic adoption but there still have been a few snags so I'm praying for no more snags.

Today I looked at my E mail and saw that "S" finally got her passport which was holding up the adoption process. (Read her story HERE.) Her mom Jean, is on a plane to Ethiopia right now because they were so desperate to get her adoption completed before she turns 16 in September (after the age of 16 a child can not be adopted from Ethiopia) they decided to go appear before the judge themselves and stay in Ethiopia as long as it took to get their daughter home.

There's also the Cole family,they go to HPC and are just amazing wonderful people. They actually went to live in Guatemala for the Summer so they could be near the daughter they have been trying to get home for almost 2 years. My heart breaks for them having to watch that baby grow up in an orphanage instead of with the family that wants and loves her. But at least now they can all be together for a while and I pray they can get some things done legally so she can be with them permanently.

And just now I looked at pictures of my friend Hope's trip to get her son from Ethiopia last week. He's a beautiful 5 year old boy who lost a leg and is in a wheel chair. I wept seeing her holding him because I know what life would have been like for him in Ethiopia had she not adopted him. He would have been on the streets begging like so many other disabled people in that impoverished country. Hope and her husband already has 5 children, one they adopted from Taiwan who has a birth mark on his face and was considered "unwanted" because of it.

I am in awe of this gift of adoption. It's hard. There are days I think It's too hard. But it's so wonderful also...more-so really. This whole new world we have entered into, that of "Parents of Older former Orphans" is so full of love, grace, challenge, hope, struggle and VICTORY!! The devil hates when we open our hearts to Orphans because we are doing what Jesus told us to do and we are giving hope to a hurting child...we are also chipping away at self in our own hearts and expanding it's capacity for love and that's what Jesus IS!

There are so many stories, so many families now for so many orphans and that makes my heart so happy. I pray more people adopt, sponsor a child, or support organizations that are helping Orphans find families because there are millions more kids who need a family to call their own.


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