Feeling better

For me usually if I say "I can't find.." right after I say that, I find it. Or "how do you..." then I figure it out. So the same applies with this Funk Clouds. I typed the post and then really not long after I started feeling like it was dissipating. I am much better today.

I referenced "not doing the depression thing" and Karen asked about that. What I meant was I don't usually get depressed for long periods of time so I don't really understand how it feels or works. I didn't mean to sound flippant toward people who suffer from long bouts of depression.

Wanted to clear that up....I am flippant way too much though ;-)

I also mentioned how I pray. I say "help", and honestly, not much more then that can come out. It's like there is a dog pile of sadness, anger, grief, fear, temptation, whatever is going on at the time, and on the bottom is this sleeping Giant and all I have to say is "Help" and that Giant stands up and throws off all the dogs. And it's actually up to the Giant how many times he allows the dogs to pile up on him. They come back, start to almost cover him and I start to hear everything but His voice saying "all you have to do is say 'Help' and I will throw them off again". BUT thank God one word is all He needs me to say. I don't understand it but I know God is bigger then anything, any dog or dogs that pile up in my mind. I also know he doesn't need me to pray some big theatrical prayer for Him to answer, He loves me so He only needs me to call on Him and He helps.

So, I said "Help" a lot and each time I was able to talk more to Him and hear more from Him and eventually the Funk Cloud was all gone.

I'm Glad that the God of all things, even the Funk cloud, loves me and hears my cry. And I'm glad others prayed for me too. I am so grateful for the prayers.

It's a good day.


Erin Moore said…
this is perfect for me today. thank you Carole.
Unknown said…
You put this so wonderfully into words! We all seem to go through difficult periods of "funk" and sometimes forget to just ask for help!
Not sure if you follow @headmutha on twitter. She shares a lot of your passions.
She also has a website. http://mffo.org (Mothers Fighting For Others)
Thank you for reminding us to just ask when we need help :)
Dan King said…
wow... dude...
what a great picture that you just painted with your words.


thank you for that.
Anonymous said…
When I pray for myself, they are either prayers of thanks or prayers for thanks so lots of help mes and thank yous. I felt such a kindredness when I read both your posts. Glad the cloud is lifting. You are in my heart, dear friend, Rosie
Karen said…
So glad. I didn't think you were sounding flippant. I hope you didn't think that. I know you're just clarifying. Love you. I LOVE that picture of you! Best one yet, in my opinion. Lips!
Anonymous said…
Yep, it's kinda like this understanding that we have between Him & Us that is unique and He knows just what we mean or need by a single word or action.

I pray very often, in fact I pray everyday, all day long, but I seldom pray "on my knees", but when I do drop down, it is like He knows I am in deep, desperate, or in over my head and quick relief and comfort soon follow.

Maybe I should get on my knees sooner than later, lol.

But then again that would mess up His & I's unique understanding.

Glad to hear your relief came soon.

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