Ethiopia food and friends

We are still on vacation, right now we are in Tennessee at my friend Kristy's house. We went to Dawn and Bernie's in Indiana, on Tuesday and had a really great time. We all went to eat Ethiopian food, and Abel and Tes loved getting to see each other again.

It was so cool because they got to see each other again exactly 5 months to the day since they arrived in America and last saw each other.

I will post more when I get back but here are some pictures..

Tes with Abel and Steele at the Ethiopian Restaurant..

Evangeline and I enjoying some of the best coffee in the world!!

Abel, Taylor and Bailey (Dawn and Bernie's boys) with Steele, Tes, and Evangeline
Bernie, Taylor Dawn, Bailey, Steele, Tes, Evangeline, Abel, me and Dean

Tes and Abel

There are more pictures from our entire trip on my Facebook..


Elysa said…
If y'all need a potty-and-run-around-and-chase-kittens-and-hold-baby-chicks-break mid-way between TN and LA, we're just 20 minutes off the interestate right south of Jackson.
Anderson Crew said…
This makes me homesick for all of you and Ethiopia too!
Chantelle said…
beautiful family!
Anonymous said…
My families! I miss you all. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Carole! Sending you all love and well wishes for safe travel home.

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